This is the Sanctuary Fitness foundation ride, which sets riders up for the week ahead and incorporates a variety of riding elements and metric drills that they may see again throughout the week.


The focus of this ride is POWER. The ride will include shorter more challenging intervals, both with the swells of the music and with watt challenges with metrics. This day will also incorporate an arms section with weights ⅔ of the way through your ride.


This is our endurance ride, which incorporates longer seated intervals, longer standing climbs, cadence building dills and time trials with metrics.


This is our strength ride. Think tempo climbs, power jumps and heavy resistance. There is also be an arms section with weights on this ride.


Our second power class of the week, but without an arms section. This ride works with speed and resistance to take you out of your comfort zone and just above threshold. Rides may include endurance and strength drills while maintaining a focus on power.


This is our endurance and strength combo class with an arms section as well. It’s the weekend! Time to work hard + keep it fun. Kaizen!!


Sundays are our Fundays when it's time to rest and recover from the week. This ride is predominantly a rhythm ride with some intervals and drills, but plenty of recovery sections that are fun and engaging.




Start the week off right with a workout that will get your body moving, heart pumping and focuses on your foundation, your core. We'll concentrate on abs, arms, and high intensity interval training.


Everything needs some sort of anchor, and for us, it's our legs. This workout will strengthen your largest muscles and help you dig in when needed.


This is your push workout; it will build those muscles designed to drive: chest, shoulders, triceps, and quads.


This workout is designed to build those reaching muscles: Back, Biceps, Glutes. Not to mention a little booty mixed in!


This is a full body "get ready for the weekend" workout with strength and cardio exercises to bring your heart rate up. It is fast, fun, and fierce. We bring out your inner athlete by busting out all of the toys and torching calories that sets you up for a guilt free weekend. Focus: Full Body and athletic ability. Everyone's an athlete!


This workout takes the best exercises from the week and puts them into a fun strength based workout. Fusing everything from the week together, it will cement all your hard work of the week focusing on full body strength.